Kim Clark in Germany
I recently returned from Germany...mainly Tuttlingen, about
1 1/2 hours south of Stuttgart.  My hotel...the
Hotel Stadt Tuttlingen was in their "downtown" area...I was
able to park my car in their underground garage
and walk everywhere...blocks and blocks of charming multi
colored buildings...cobblestone roads and charming shops,  
enchanting.  The food was incredible. I have a new
passion...Spatzle...I bought a spatzle press and am going to
try it out as soon as my jetlag subsides.

BELOW...Renowned CHOCOLATIER,....HUBER showing me some
of his works of art in the village of EMING.
Stuttgart - Hotel Quality Schwanen - "Chris" was
incredibly helpful...from arranging our dinner
reservations to explaining the local "dishes".  A pretty
and smart hotel quite near the Stuttgart airport!