Dragonfly Studios by Kimberly Clark
Love Prints
Your child’s fingerprint in
.999 fine silver or 22 karat gold
Pendants, earrings, keychains &  more
Theresa Egan-Koch owns a fabulous shop at
Conover Square called Vanasey's.  This
is the same building where I had my gallery - Dragonfly gallery.  

PHOTO ABOVE:  Kim and Theresa's son
Zed making a fingerprint pendant for MOM!
We are imprinting his fingerprint onto the PMC silver...
then I take it back to my studio and create into a custom pendant.

You will notice the flower design going up the left hand side of the pendant....and the
flower at the top holds a RUBY...Zed's birthstone...along the lower edge is a garden...
with Zed's name...His name and birthdate are also engraved on the back.

Vanaseys - Conover Square
Pendants/Charms are available in various shapes and sizes including : Ovals, Hearts
and more. *** Each piece will have your unique print or prints on the Front.
Back available with Child’s name & birthday at no additional cost.  

TO THE LEFT....a pendant I did for my hairstylist Mykil at the Red Stone Spa in Oregon.  
Her two children's fingerprints...2 month old Rylee and 9 year old Caid...along with two
Large WHITE SAPPHIRES.....Mykil wanted a more elongated design...very sleek and

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Left: Melissa's Garden
shown recently in the
Next Picture Show
Gallery's  Spring Show Dos Equis XX
artwork honoring women
key fob for Sophia's Daddy
who is in Iraq
Betty's daughter just loves her flip flops....so we had to create her
love print with the fingerprints of her two children on the
footbed....then I placed the birthstones of her two kids and her 3
step children's birthstones on the thong part!   It is quite large
and stunning...and Betty's daughter was totally surprised by this
wonderful gift!