of PMC silver are woven by hand and
carved with effects, kiln fired and then
hand burnished...patinas may be
applied for more colors...blues, pinks..etc

Dragonfly Studios
                     by Kimberly Clark
*****What is PMC™?******
Precious Metal Clay™ is a
revolutionary material developed  
and patented by Mitsubishi
Materials of Japan.

Tiny particles of pure silver or gold
are suspended in an organic binder
to create a material that can be
worked like modeling clay.        This
can then be molded, formed,
embedded with gemstones,
enameled....the possibilities are
limitless.  After drying, work is
torched or kiln fired between 1450 -
2000 degrees.   

You are then left with a one of a kind
creation of pure silver (considered
and marked FS for fine silver) or 22
karat gold
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Spiral of Peace  

.999  fine silver & 22 karat gold
with freshwater Pearl
Private Shikany Collection
Falling Leaves Necklace
.999 fine silver leaves, with bronze
burnishing, 18 karat gold connects
the large freshwater pearls -
Private Pierce Collection Miami