Kim, Vivian, Tere,
Viv's Mom and Raquel
Raquel and Regnier
Josh, Regnier and
Terry and Kim

christmas 2004
(left) Jordan, Kassia & Josh (middle)
Regniercito, Dad & Ana  (right) Josh & Eric
Debbie and Sebastian
Too gorgeous for words!!!
October 2004 -Dinner at Fancys (Jayna and I both have October birthdays)
Below with owner Domingues
My family in Miami
August 2006 - a visit to Terry...the house is for sale....the condo is
and we went through many many boxes...Dad's things...a difficult time...but
Lunch at the new condo
(l) Kim, Jackie, Ginger, Candy and Terry         (r) Jayna with son Eric and
fiance Shawn
(l) Cousin Cacha and daughter Danielle
My beloved Dad
Ron passed
away last year
2005  on my
birthday October
April 2007 - Tere's birthday
My Father Ron and his wife of 35 years, Terry live in Miami..
so we are there several times a year...yes..South Beach is
pretty cool...but there is nothing like Terry's cooking...and
hanging out by the pool with friends and family...
This past year I was there about every 6-8 weeks...going to
chemo with Dad...just spending time with him...He finally
left this world on my birthday...October 27..
I was blessed to have him there for my first breath...and I
was next to him for his last.
Kim & Jayna -OCTOBER 2007  Birthday Girls ready
to hit Miami for Celebrating
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